Volunteer Spotlight September 2016
Reggie Pugh

Advocate Manager: Lorna Rexrode

Area Served: Lynchburg

Length of time as a CASA volunteer: 11 Months

Occupation: engaging in 'Life 2.5 version', embracing encore opportunities after a brief 43 year career in the clean energy industry

Most Memorable CASA Moment: Observing the development of an unimaginally abused, frightened, fragile young child, emerge to enjoy a safe, secure childhood in the home of her loving foster parents and their extended family. With rights voluntarily relinquished by her parents, this child is now experiencing many wonderful firsts including attending school regularly, visits to the beach, a ballgame, a fair and more. She is now realizing that she too has the right to dream and is hopeful to soon realize her dream of being adopted by her foster parents.

One example of how your advocacy made a difference on a case: One of my kids had been given up by his birth family, removed from his foster family, relocated from his school friends, teachers, caseworker and support system and placed at a residential facility a couple of hours away. When I asked the Child what can I do to be of the most help and support, they responded simply, " just keep visiting me"; that I can do. They need to know that someone cares for them. And when they acknowledge your care and receive their trust, you can be successful in advocating on their case.

What means the most to you about being a CASA volunteer?: I had the good fortune to grow up in a loving, stable home and recognize my responsibility to give back toward the children in this community that did not enjoy the same experience. I'm in awe of the countless hours and efforts of the Case Workers, Counselors, Foster Parents, Teachers, CASA managers, and others that tirelessly advocate for the kids and I'm honored to collaborate with them so that the children not only survive but succeed. It is truly satisfying when you provide some small measure of assistance in helping these professionals and foster parents such that these children are nurtured and helped to realize their dreams.

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