Host a CASA Yard Sign

Display a CASA Yard sign specifically made for Lynchburg, Bedford, Campbell, Amherst, Nelson or Appomattox, or for spanish-speakers.

Please use this form to host a yard sign. We will be in touch about the best way to pick up your sign depending on where you live or work. Thank you for supporting CASA!

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How does it work?

You can help spread awareness for CASA and help recruit volunteers to serve children in our area. Place a yard sign at your home or business and help share our cause with others.

Step 1. Fill out the form.

Step 2. Pick up your sign.

Step 3. Display with pride at your home or business!

What is a CASA?

CASA Volunteer Advocates provide a voice to children who have entered our local child-welfare system due to abuse or neglect. They give their time to develop a relationship and understanding of the child. A CASA Volunteer stands beside the child in the court room to speak up for the child’s best interest.

Want more Information?

Please email david@cvcasa.org or call (434) 485-7260 for more information about yard signs or to learn more about how you can help support CASA.