Contributor's Corner: Rosa DeLoatch


Meet our MVP of consistent giving

Rosa is a celebrity in our CASA office.  Why?  Because she holds a record that no one else in Lynchburg can claim:  She has been giving monthly to CASA of Central Virginia for over 10 years!  

When I first started working with CASA in the fall of 2014, I quickly started to look forward to Rosa’s monthly checks.  In the midst of writing thank you cards and updating her on CASA happenings, a friendship began to form.  Rosa DeLoatch’s kindness and love towards others physically exudes from her.  She beams with pride when she talks about her children, grandchildren, and her church.  She is the kind of person you WANT to spend time with. During a lunch meeting with Rosa, I learned that she has been giving faithfully for over 10 years.  I started to imagine all the staff members that she has seen come and go; all of the children that she has prayed for each time she writes a check.  When you ask Rosa why she gives, she is humble and says she believes everyone should give to charities they love.  For her, it’s not a question of why SHOULD you give, for her it’s a question of why WOULDN’T you give?  

Each month, CASA volunteers do so much for the kids: they spend time with them, talk to their families, foster parents, caseworkers and lawyers; meet with teachers, therapist and doctors; research important resources to help the child or family; discuss recommendations with their CASA supervisor; and every few months they share what they’ve learned with the judge in court.  That constant trustworthy adult is so important to the kids we serve. Rosa is such an inspiration; she is a constant support to the children we serve.  I know that her gifts to CASA will continue to come in long after I am no longer on staff and the children we serve are blessed to have someone like Rosa looking out for them.

So, are you inspired?  Do you want to be a constant support to a local abused child?  Consider becoming a CASA Donor. If you are already a donor, accept the challenge to become a monthly donor.  It’s not a question of why should you give…but why wouldn’t you?  Thank you Rosa!  We love you.   

Tami Tice Jacob, Development Director

Tami Tice Jacob