Online In-Service Training Opportunities:

National CASA

Podcasts: Each Podcast counts for .25 to .75 hours of credit, depending on length of podcast.

E-Learning: To use this e-learning site, you must be invited by your advocate manager. Contact your advocate manager to be set-up to receive an e-invitation to join National CASA e-learning for continuing education.

  • Education and Youth in Out-of-Home Care (2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hrs. credit)

  • Fostering Futures (2 - 4 hrs. credit)

  • Flex Learning: The Redd Case (2 - 4 hrs. credit)

Advocacy Resources

CASA of Central Virginia YouTube Channel

Local in-service trainings that we recorded have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. As we record more, we will upload more. The below can be used for education credit.

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy CenterEduNet

EduNet is a series of free expert lectures on a variety of multidisciplinary topics.  They are archived so you can access them whenever your schedule allows.  Most webinars are 90 minutes and 1.5 hours of continuing education is offered.

Accessing Live Webinars (Click here to access the 2018 schedule)

Once you have registered for the live webinar, you will receive an email confirming your registration and providing you with a webinar link. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation email. A reminder email will also be sent to your inbox 24 hours prior to the live event. Click on the webinar link in either of the above-referenced email messages to access the webinar on the day of the event.

Accessing Archived Webinars (Click here to access the archives)

All EduNet Webinars are recorded and available within 24 hours following the live event. To access the archive simply click on "View the Archived Webinar" and complete the registration form. Following registration you will be directed to the recording and be able to access the webinar immediately. In the case you want to watch it later, you will also receive an email that contains a link to the recording as well as the webinar evaluation. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation email. In either scenario you can complete the evaluation, and print a certificate of attendance.

Child Trauma Academy

The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development (1.5 hrs. credit)

Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma (1.0 hrs. credit)

The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress & the Impact of Working w/ High-Risk Children & Families (1.0 hrs. credit)

Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children (1.0 hrs. credit)

National Children's Advocacy Center

Virtual Training Center - Requires one-time registration to create user ID and password. After completing the training, you will receive a link to your completion certificate which you can save, and then e-mail to your advocate manager.

Best Practices in the Treatment of Abused Children and Their Families (2.5 hrs. credit)

Caught in the Crossfire: How the Abuse of Animals Co-Occurs with Family Violence (1.5 hrs. credit)

Child Development 101 (2.5 hrs. credit)

Children with Disabilities: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources (1.5 hrs. credit)

Collaboration, Consistency & Cultural Competency (2.0 hrs. credit)

Drug Endangered Children (1.5 hrs. credit)

The Biology of Resilience (2 hrs. credit)

Why is this Child so Skinny? Understanding Failure to Thrive (1.5 hrs. credit)

Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do: Resilience in Those Who Experience Childhood Abuse (1.5 hrs. credit)

Many more on website.

National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections

National Foster Care Month Webinar Series: Building Blocks Towards Permanent Families 3 Parts

  1. Integrated Systems Approach to Permanency-Focused Programs (Part 1) - 05/15 (2.0 hrs. credit)

  2. Real Talk: Myths and Challenges in Permanency Work (Part 2) - 05/14 (2.0 hrs. credit)

  3. Federal Supports to Improving Permanency Outcomes in Child Welfare (Part 3) - 05/14 (2.0 hrs. credit)

Trauma-Informed Child Welfare - 11/11 (2 hrs. credit)

Bringing Back the Dads: Father Engagement 3/10 (1.25 hrs. credit)

Psychotropic Medication 2/10 (1.25 hrs. credit)

Strategies for Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Youth in Care (1.25 hrs. credit)

Traumatic Stress in Children 1/08 (1.25 hrs. credit)

Youth Permanency 3/07 (1.25 hrs. credit)

Young Children in Foster Care 0-3 8/08 (1.25 hrs. credit)

Many more on website.

Virginia Department of Social Services

Mandated Reporter Training (1.5 hrs. credit)

Upon successful completion of the on-line training, you will be prompted to enter your name which will be included in a certificate of completion which can be saved to your computer and e-mailed to your advocate manager.

Mandated Reporting: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

While everyone needs to be concerned about child abuse and neglect, certain professionals and other individuals, including CASA volunteers are required by law to report all suspected cases. This training is designed to help you recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect, to understand the responsibilities and procedures involved in reporting, and to be aware of the associated penalties for failing to report.

Identifying Sex Trafficking Victims in Child Welfare On-line Training (1.5 hrs. credit)

The purpose of this training module is to raise awareness regarding the impact of human trafficking, most notably commercial sex trafficking, on vulnerable youth in foster care, runaways and those experiencing abuse or neglect. Federal and state efforts to combat this problem are outlined along with strategies for local identification and intervention. The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and covers the following topics:

  • Defining human trafficking

  • Defining Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST)

  • Recognizing at-risk populations

  • Distinguishing vulnerabilities of children in the child welfare system

  • Identifying victims in the child welfare system

  • Developing response plans after identification and providing intervention services

  • Defining the Prudent Parent Standard

University of Florida Institute for Family Violence Studies, College of Social Work

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence (1.0 hr. credit)

The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence: Understanding the Basics (1.0 hr. credit)

This interactive eLearning module is divided into 10 sections and describes the dynamics and common tactics that characterize domestic violence, provides an overview of the scope and impact on individuals and society, explores the underlying factors that allow domestic violence to exist, offers insight into the various risks and choices that survivors face, and shares how to be part of the solution.

Watch Video: "Removed: Part 1" .25 hour credit

Watch Video: "Removed: Part 2" .5 hour credit


Upcoming In-Service Training Events

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