Board Spotlight: Otis Whigham

Otis family pic.jpg

Hi, my name is Otis Whigham. Along with my wife LaPetra, I’m  co-owner of Restoring Peace Counseling Services located in Lynchburg , VA.  I am a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work.  I presently hold a licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I am also extremely proud to say that I’m a board member of CASA of Central Virginia.

I’m proud to say that over the past 12 years, I have been able to call the city of Lynchburg my home.  In 2006, my wife and I was sold on the idea that Lynchburg was a great place to raise a family, so we decided to begin our family here.  I like to believe that both of my kids were born into a family with loving parents that would do almost anything to keep them safe, make sure they are healthy, and provide a loving environment for them to grow.  As a counselor, I work hard daily to provide for them.  As a father, I work even harder for their safety and happiness. 

Unfortunately, not all kids are born into or allowed to live in safe family situations.  I don’t think perfect families exist, but I do believe loving safe families do.  This is where my love and admiration for CASA of Central Virginia come in.  I believe that CASA of Central Virginia provides a safe healthy family-like environment for those kids that may not be as fortunate as I was growing up or as fortunate as what my kids presently have now.  The comfort, safety, love, and stability they bring to the lives of kids in the Lynchburg and surrounding areas is just short of miraculous.  They literally change the lives of children on a daily basis.  I count myself blessed that I’m allowed to be a part of all the awesome things they do.

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