Volunteer Spotlight: Vicki Barrett


The Power of One:    


1 volunteer.    

8 years.    

30 children served.



For our next #volunteerspotlight, we are proud to highlight Vicki Barrett, a volunteer entering her 8th year with CASA! In those 8 years she has advocated for about 30 children. 

Who are you when you’re not operating in your CASA role?

My tenure with CASA began after I retired from Special Education, but since then I helped my husband start his own company, Barrett Fencing. I have enjoyed employment at Wall ResidencesRegion 2000 Workforce Center, and Lynchburg City Schools. I recently became a member of the Hill City Master Gardeners which allows me to work with fellow gardeners and kids in a variety of our community’s gardens. I also enjoy time usually spent making and eating good food, with the big family that I am so lucky to have.

How did you hear about CASA?

I met an advocate for a student in my past role as a Special Education Coordinator. Soon after that, a colleague of mine expressed an interest in becoming a CASA upon retirement, but she lost her fight to breast cancer before she was able to fulfill that goal. Years later when I moved to Lynchburg, inspired by my colleague, I completed training and was sworn in as a CASA.

Is there a case that particularly stands out to you?

As a fairly new CASA I was given the opportunity to advocate for four siblings who were removed from the care of their parents. All of the children were in elementary school at the time. These siblings were very devoted to each other and principled, despite the hardships and trauma they had experienced. We shared many good times together. They were able to remain together in the custody of a relative. Their strength will forever be an inspiration to me. The oldest of them just graduated from high school and will be attending college in the fall.